Master Student

Ioana Gavriliuc, BSc


Ioana Gavriliuc began her Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet in 2018. Throughout her courses, she obtained several internships in various research fields. She began her lab experience at IMM (Institute for Environmental Medicine) by exploring endocrine disrupting chemicals-induced epigenetic modifications and changes in gene expression through the use of Pyrosequencing and qPCR. To broaden her knowledge, she then started a four-month long part-time internship at BioClinicum, working with PCRs, gels and bacterial cultures to transform a strain of Streptococcus pneumoniae with an Erythromycin-resistant gene for a partner lab overseas in the UK. Lastly, just prior to the increase in COVID-19 severity in Stockholm, she was fortunate to learn how to isolate human amniotic epithelial cells from placentas that would be further used towards studies regarding liver regeneration.

During her fifth semester of her programme, Ioana’s interest and passion for cancer research increased significantly through her oncology course, specifically in regards to cancer resistance and metastasis. As of January 2021, Ioana will be undergoing her Bachelor’s Thesis project in single-cell profiling of human bone metastases patients to further analyze the bone marrow microenvironment in neuroblastoma patients.