PhD student

Adele M. Alchahin


Adele Alchahin received her MSc in 2015 from Uppsala University, Sweden. During her time at university she was privileged to experience abroad studies within fields of her interest. In the spring of 2014, Adele completed a semester at University of Miami studying health care marketing and global health, and was involved in a research project in health communications regarding colorectal cancer. The following semester she finished her master thesis in neuroscience studying serotonin in a mouse model of autism at Boston Children’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School. Adele was registered as a PhD student in April 2018. Adele is co-supervised by Dr Baryawno, Dr Johnsen, Dr Kogner and Dr Sykes (Massachusetts General Hospital). Adele is focusing on studying the mechanism of tumor cell dissemination to the bone marrow. Adele defended her doctoral thesis on March 10 2023.