baryawno lab


The complexity of our research requires a coordinated, collaborative effort bringing a network of investigators and clinicians with different expertise together. Our lab collaborates with universities and hospitals outside Sweden such as Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We are also involved in the START (Standardization of Single-Cell and Single-Nucleus RNA-seq Protocols for Tumors) consortium that is a collaboration of investigators worldwide funded by the Human Cell Atlas.



Karolinska Institutet

John Inge Johnsen (PhD), Associate Professor, Pediatric Oncology.

Per Kogner (MD, PhD), Professor, Pediatric Oncology.

Malin Wickström (PhD), Assistant Professor, Pediatric Oncology.

Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér (MD, PhD), Professor, Infections, Inflammation, Oncology.

Marie Arsenian-Henriksson (PhD), Professor, Cancer Biology.

Sonia Lane (PhD), Professor, Cancer Biology.

Igor Adameyko (PhD), Associate Professor, Developmental Biology.

Susanne Schlisio (PhD), Associate Professor, Cancer Biology.


Amsterdam Medical Center, Netherlands
Rogier Versteeg, (MD, PhD) Professor, Pediatric Oncology.

University of Tromso, Norway
Baldur Sveinbjornsson, (PhD), Professor, Oncology.

Institut Curie, INSERM, Paris, France
Olivier Delattre, (MD, PhD), Professor, Pediatric Oncology.


Massachusetts General Hospital
Jorg Dietrich (MD, PhD), Assistant Professor, Neuro-oncology.

Boston Bone Metastases Consortium:

Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital
David Scadden (MD), Professor, Hematopoietic Stem Cell/Niche Biology.

Harvard Medical School
Peter Kharchenko (PhD), Associate Professor, Computational Biology.

Massachusetts General Hospital
Philip Saylor (MD), Assistant Professor, Urology-Oncology.

David Sykes (MD, PhD), Assistant Professsor, Hematology.

John Shin (MD),Assistant Professsor, Neurosurgeon/Spinal surgeon.

Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC)