Postdoctoral Fellow

Thale Kristin Olsen, MD, PhD


Dr Thale Kristin Olsen is an MD (2012) and PhD (2016) from the University of Oslo, Norway. In her PhD project, she worked with chromosomal aberrations, fusion genes and RNA-sequencing analysis in the pediatric brain tumor ependymoma. Dr Olsen is a co-supervised postdoc in the Kogner/Johnsen lab and Baryawno lab. Her main research interest is the application of bioinformatics and omics-technologies in pediatric cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment. Thales research is focusing on single-cell analysis of primary human neuroblastomas. The main aim of her project is to delineate mechanisms of tumor progression and metastasis in these patients. Thale is also studying novel differentiation therapies in neuroblastoma in collaboration with the David Sykes lab at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA.

Dr Thale Kristin Olsen is funded by The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.