Manouk published her first article

Ph.D. student Manouk Verhoeven published her first manuscript in Cell Reports Medicine. Her work focused on characterizing the immune system of human neuroblastoma at the single-cell level.

Manouk joined the lab in 2020 for her master’s thesis at Amsterdam University where her work was to understand the tumor microenvironment of neuroblastoma. She took the major task of characterizing the immune system of human neuroblastoma using single-cell RNA-sequencing as a tool to provide a complete picture of the role of the immune system in the disease. After two years of work, her results are now published in Cell Reports Medicine where she discovered over 27 distinct subsets of immune cells, of which several are unique in the setting of neuroblastoma disease when compared to normal fetal adrenal tissue.

This work is co-shared with Shenglin Mei at Harvard Medical School.

Link to publication